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About MOTM

About MOTM
Travis L. Brown loves to teach children about mathematics.  He has written his own song book “Math on the Mic,” inspired by the Georgia Performance and National Standards of Learning, to help students learn about math. The songs are written to help improve students’ mathematics skills through repetitious singing.  The songs will help students of all ages including older students who never totally grasped certain skills and concepts or  might need a refresher. As an educator in the inner-city for 20 years, Travis L. Brown firmly believes that all students can learn mathematics given enough time and the right tools. Volume 1 of “Math on the Mic” is translated into the Spanish language to help those students who struggle with learning mathematics (in part) because of a language barrier.  Travis L. Brown has been selected by his peers as "Teacher of the Year" twice, once as a middle school math teacher and currently as an elementary math teacher. He has been recognized by Time Magazine and MSNBC for his work with children.  “Math on the Mic,” resource book is orchestrated to help you sing your way to the top of the achievement charts.  It fosters an active, engaging and fun approach to learning mathematics.  

Georgia Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox and Travis Brown with some of his students.
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